Smalland: Survive the Wilds Cheats and Tips


Smalland: Survive the Wilds Cheats and Tips


Use Antenna Vision

As a human-insect hybrid, one of the main benefits granted to players is Antenna Vision. This special power (activated by pressing ‘V’) will change the world to become colorless and only highlight useful materials which, in a world as dense and diverse as Smalland, can be key. Many craftable objects will require a considerable amount of resources, as will building bases and constructions, therefore it is crucial to hoard as many of these resources as possible when they are available.

Different materials will require different items in order to break them down or extract them, but many items can simply be harvested by pressing ‘F’. Once harvested, players will need to gather the materials from the floor, the most efficient way of doing so is to simply hold ‘F’ again.

Eat Mushrooms

Throughout the world of Smalland, players will notice an abundance of different mushrooms throughout the world. Just like in real-life, some mushroom species are more beneficial than others, and some are just outright poisonous and not fit for consumption. Brown mushrooms are one of the easiest forms of food to access in the game and can often be felled using a simple axe.

In order to gain the maximum benefit from them, however, it will be necessary to take the ingredients to a crafted fire and combine them into a Mushroom Steak. This will provide considerably more beneficial boons than simply eating the mushrooms raw. Poisonous mushrooms are usually red and based on the Amanita Muscaria species – these mushrooms can also be harvested in order to create poisons.

Avoid Water

As any players who have tried to cross the river near the game’s starting area will know – Smallfolk cannot swim and will drown in water. There are ways around this, however, such as wings and certain flying mounts, but before then players should also be able to jump across lily pads or walk across any branches and logs that may offer access across the fast-flowing water.

As for leaves – players will fall straight through, so generally it is only logs or mushrooms that players should use to climb. Beware also, that any flying predators will be able to maintain pursuit across these waters, so crossing isn’t necessarily always a passage to safety.

Visit The Owl

When players exit The Burrows for the first time, they will be able to see an owl statue in the distance, considerably larger than the usual effigies which litter the game world and provide hints and tips. This larger owl will be accessible by scaling the roots, branches and mushrooms that line the tree’s surface. Once players have reached the top, they will notice that there is an abundance of food left as an offering.

Players can take and store this food with no negative consequences, but trying to build in this area may prove limited as it is not strictly an inhabitable area. Other trees can be more successfully inhabited and will provide much more space and resources.