Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Cheats and Tips


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Cheats and Tips



When you start Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, you’re given the choice between two game modes:

  • Exploration Mode is exactly what it sounds like, giving you minimal direction as to where you need to go for story missions and side quests.
  • Guided Mode offers a bit more structure, highlighting objectives on your map. Guided Mode also indicates whether or not you can or cannot access certain passageways based on which upgrades you’ve unlocked.

If you’re up for more of a challenge and don’t mind getting periodically lost, opt for Exploration Mode. But for our money, Guided Mode is the way to go. The icons are for the most part unobtrusive (they only show up when you open the map). Having immediate knowledge that you can’t take a certain route saves you wasting time trying to hammer out a solution where there is none. Plus, don’t worry — you’ll still likely get lost from time to time.

And if you ever want to take the training wheels off, you can always change modes in the game’s settings.







If you’re ever stuck, head to the Haven — your hub area, located in the Lower City — and talk to Fariba (sitting next to the Mage shop). For 30 time crystals (the standard in-game currency of The Lost Crown), she’ll give you a vague hint as to where to go next. The hints are never so explicit as “Go here and do this.” But she may tell you that a winged statue can help you ascend to a new area, which implies that you should seek out a statue fitting that description. Her advice is especially helpful when playing on Exploration Mode.

Additionally, Fariba doesn’t just stay in the Haven. While you’re exploring, you may also run into her — and for 50 time crystals, she’ll fill in your map with an outline of the region you’re in.


There’s even more tutorial beyond the initial tutorial stage, and it’s all genuinely helpful — in that you learn new tricks and earn free money.

In the Haven, talk to Artaban (in the northeast corner). He’ll offer a series of lessons that expand on moves you learned in the initial tutorial, imparting knowledge you may have otherwise missed, like the fact that you can parry projectiles or string combos together with your bow. You’ll also earn 50 time crystals for every tutorial you complete.

New tutorials become periodically available as you unlock more skills throughout The Lost Crown. Check back often to avail yourself of them.


If you skip the optional tutorials, at least take the time to master your parry — easily the most valuable move at your disposal. To know when to parry or not, watch your enemy’s attack, and see if it emits a glint of a certain color:

  • White attacks can be parried.
  • Yellow attacks can be parried. Successfully parrying a yellow attack instantly kills cannon fodder enemies, and deals a ton of extra damage to bosses.
  • Red attacks can’t be parried. Practice your dodge!


In The Lost Crown, most walls are simply walls, but some are hidden doors. It’ll look like a normal wall. Your map won’t give any indication there’s anything on the other side. But if you hit the wall, it’ll start to glow; a few more hits will cause it to collapse, revealing either a new passageway or a chamber containing some treasure.

Basically, if you ever find yourself at a dead end, smack all of the walls in the room to make sure you’re not missing a hidden door.