Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Cheats and Tips


Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Cheats and Tips


Don’t be so quick to fast travel

Infinite Wealth has a couple of open maps to travel around. Though not as large as your standard “open world” game, their size may still tempt you to just fast-travel via the game’s taxis instead of hoofing it to your destination. Resist that urge.

Not only is the map full of activities you’ll need to physically walk up to (such as many side quests, opportunities to bond with your party members, Suji spots, and more), but as Infinite Wealth is a turn-based RPG, you’re gonna want to spend time getting into some random encounters to raise your level and Job ranks.

Early on, taxis might feel a little expensive too. While 1,000 Yen/$10 per trip isn’t a whole lot of money, you’ll be better off investing in healing and buffing items during moments when you’re strapped for cash.

Also, it’s just nice to take in the sights of Japan and Hawaii!

Don’t forget your smartphone

I know, we all wish we could stare at our phones a little less in reality. But in Infinite Wealth, your smartphone is a pretty handy way to save time. Access your smartphone from the pause menu and you’ll find a number of options such as using a taxi for fast travel (yes, I know, I just told you not to do that too much!) and checking what items are necessary for crafting and upgrading your weapons.

Don’t forget to change out your jobs at Alo-Happy

Once you hit Chapter 5, you’ll visit Alo-Happy Tours. Not only will you unlock a photo mini-game here, but you can also unlock and change out your character’s Jobs (which are essentially classes) at the Alo-Happy Booth. While many of the base Jobs for each character are pretty effective, it’s best to experiment with new ones to find new ways to excel in combat.

If enemies are bunched up, attack quickly with area-of-effect skills

During battle, characters will move around, and if they get close enough to each other, you can take advantage of it. Infinite Wealth’s turn-based combat gives you breathing room to read what a skill does and plan your attacks, and you’ll want to look for those opportunities and time your attacks appropriately to damage as many foes as you can.

It helps to memorize which attacks are particularly effective for this, and which enemy in a group should be targeted for the most damage. For example, Chitose’s “Grand Jeté” is good for attacking an enemy at the front of a group as it will knock them back into enemies behind them. Meanwhile, Adachi’s “Reckless Charge” should target an enemy toward the rear of a group as he’ll plow through everyone on his way to attack that enemy.

Prioritize enemies that summon other foes to join the fight

As you get into brawls, you’ll come across enemies that have a particularly annoying tendency to summon other foes. Once you start taking on tougher threats, this can not only prolong an annoying fight, but put you at danger as well. Take out those enemies quickly or suffer the consequences.