Persona 3 Reload Cheats and Tips


Persona 3 Reload Cheats and Tips


Charge Theurgy By Reshaping How You Use Your Teammates

It Helps To Know Your Team

Introduced in Persona 3 Reload, Theurgy is a special skill learned by each member of the SEES team that will need to be charged before use based on each member’s individual personality. Knowing that, it’s no surprise to see that Akihiko charges when he pumps himself up for a fight, while Mitsuru’s fills when she’s just too charming for her own good.

Once these Theurgy gauges are filled, your teammates will unleash a mega-powerful attack that deals either heavy or severe-level damage to one or all foes on the battlefield, and not only will this attack be strong, but it ignores any damage resistances the enemy may have.

Use Multiple Theurgy Skills As The Protagonist

Wildcard In Personas And Theurgy Skills

Your protagonist is always the wildcard of the group when it comes to being able to hold up to a dozen Personas, but double up on those fusions to unlock new Theurgy skills to use as the protagonist in battle by filling your Compendium with specific groups of Personas. The skills unlock and are added to your repertoire as soon as all necessary Personas are fused.

Thankfully, you’ll charge your own Theurgy gauge pretty easily – you just have to switch your Persona during battle and it’ll charge a little faster. Reminiscent of the old Fusion Spells in previous versions of the game, some of these attacks can change the tide of tougher battles.

Make Powerful Weapons And Armor At Mayoido Antiques

Way Better Than Officer Kurosawa’s Gear

Although it received a name change for Persona 3 Reload, Mayoido Antiques at Paulownia Mall opens after you’ve finished your final exams in July and is your one-stop shop for weapons, armor, accessories, and items that all provide far and above better stats than anything for sale at the police station.

By collecting gemstones, Nihil items, and new Personas inside of Tartarus, you’ll unlock new possibilities for improved gear at Mayoido Antiques. Another change made to the antiques shop in P3R is that you’ll no longer need to wait and go pick up your upgrades a few days later – now, they’re ready right away.

Keep A Persona Registered Who’s About To Drop A Sea Soul Driblet

And Withdraw For Easy Grinding When You Need One

One of the most essential items for your purchases at Mayoido Antiques will be Soul Sea Driblets, which are dropped by certain Personas after you’ve raised them to a prerequisite level. Though your protagonist can indeed make weapons using the Nihil Swords, he’s also got access to weapons made from Black Swords, exclusive to him.

In order to fuse each one, you’ll need at least a couple Soul Sea Driblets in addition to a gemstone from inside Tartarus, but these can be a bit hard to come by if you’re not planning to get them. If you’ve got a Persona registered in your Compendium who’s about to level up to the point that they drop theirs, though, don’t overwrite it – keep withdrawing that Persona and helping them across the finish line so they drop their Soul Sea Driblet in only a fight or two.