Tekken 8 Cheats and Tips


Tekken 8 Cheats and Tips


Start with Arcade Quest

Play through Arcade Quest at least a little bit. The Arcade Quest is a playful mode where you’ll battle different CPU players across a variety of themed arcades. It’s different from the regular Story Mode that throws you right into a deadly clash between some long-standing characters. This is much lighter fare where you’ll have a few rounds against foes that won’t go too hard on you.

While it’s good that you have this so you can practice on an opponent that won’t blow you up if you show a moment’s weakness, this is mainly important because this is where the tutorials lie in Tekken 8. You’ll learn some basic things about your Heat meter (a powerful move that puts you in a higher damage output state once per round) and Rage Arts (a powerful move you can use at low health), as well as your countering Power Crush moves. It’ll even offer you some tips for whichever character you selected to get you started on some basic combos. It goes easy on you and gives you an explanation of the more basic skills to get you started.

Get to know the Tekken 8 characters with Character Episodes

If you want a quick introduction to each character without making a lot of changes in Arcade Mode, I found that Character Episodes were a nice excuse to try out each of the characters for a short time in Tekken 8. You play a few matches (at a difficulty level of your choosing) to get a feel for each person, as well as get some of their story. I find that personality can be just as integral as moves and look for a character – Paul kinda grew on me when I realized what a goofball he was when I initially wasn’t very impressed. So, hearing the stories helped get me interested in the characters, and all while I could try them out briefly in a few matches.

Watch your most impressive moves

While you’re doing this, I recommend turning Special Style – a style which allows you to mash buttons to do cool combos – on and off every few fights. While you can do neat combos with it, they’re fairly specific, so they’ll only serve you for so long if you intend to improve and try fighting folks online. It’s worth trying it out to get an idea which moves you can string together to make combos, though, and to also see if you like what the characters can do. Then, I recommend playing around with the characters’ basic moves, as the basic kicks and punches do some of the most important work in winning matches in Tekken 8. You’re going to want to see your basics and combos in action before you settle on a character. And you SHOULD only settle on one of two, as each of them have a lot of moves you’ll likely need to know to do well.

While playing the characters, you should also try their Heat Smash (a strong strike that you can do while in Heat Mode) as well as their Rage Art. Not only are these good for tanking through some of the nasty stuff your opponent is doing (both shield you from a hit when activated, although you can’t just pull them out while you’re being combo-ed) and are another core part of the character’s personality. A cool super is another part of why I love a character, so it’s worth taking the time to see if you like these moves. Plus you’ll just want to know how to use the moves to turn a match around. They’re easy to execute as they only require a button press, so you’ll want to put these in your arsenal fast.

Check your main techniques in Practice 8 in Tekken 8

That becomes immediately apparent when you look at a character’s move list in the Practice Mode in Tekken 8, which you should hit up next. It’s not the time to practice doing Korean backdashes or perfecting massive combos, though. You’re just here to look through the move list, taking a peek at your main techniques. These will show you a lot of useful moves that will be good to get started with, as well as an explanation of what they do. These greatly streamline the character, although it’s likely best to only really work on a handful of these. You just want to try out some things that feel good, that will let you poke at your enemy, and that can be used to clobber someone when they swing at you and miss.

I recommend activating Display While Training for the first move in the list and then just steadily going through all of the Main Techniques. You can watch demos and try them out one at a time, and by the end of it, you’ll likely have a feel for what the character does or wants to do. You can dabble with All Techniques if you like, but that will get overwhelming fast. At most, you can likely only learn a move or two at a time, so don’t feel any need to rush this. The mind can only work so much into your rotation. This will be a slow journey, so don’t try to hurry it along too much. Just build your knowledge piece by piece.