Inkulinati Cheats and Tips


Inkulinati Cheats and Tips


Start A New Journey In “Not Bad” Mode

Inkulinati can be played in a number of ways to gain mastery over the art style and tactics of the turn-based game. The first thing players need to do before starting a new game is choose the difficulty level to play on.

Beginners can start a new journey by choosing the Not Bad mode for a fair experience. Difficulty levels harder than Not Bad mode can be puzzling for newcomers to the turn-based genre. The Not Bad mode provides 15 health to the Tiny-Inkulinati and a starting Living Ink of 12.

Loony Is The Most Fun For Beginners To Play

Players can choose from three different characters to represent them at the start of the game. Loony, Miller, and Alewife are distinct characters that can be customized before getting started in Inkulinati. Miller and Alewife might seem less intimidating to beginners compared to Loony.

Players can change the color of the robe that Loony is wearing to express themselves freely as the game progresses. The entity in blue must be protected at all times to ensure victory in battles to gain momentum in Inkulinati. His looks can make the experience of the game more pleasant for beginners.

Choose Dogs As Primary Beasts

The strategy game allows people to start the game with either dogs or rabbits. Beginners will find that dogs are easier to fight with. The three dogs available in the beginning include a Bow-Weilding Dog, a Spear-Weilding Dog, and a Sword-Wielding Dog.

The Spear-Weilding Dog can hit up to two fields away. These units can launch spears to strike two enemies at once as long as they are positioned next to each other in battles. The Bow-Weilding Dog can attack enemies who are up to 6 fields away, and arrows from these units can hit up to 3 enemies at once.

Time Attacks To Deal Maximum Damage

Inkulinati has several features that make the action enjoyable to beginners. Players can use Living Ink to draw characters onto the chapters that they are in. These characters can unleash various attacks using swords, bows, and spears to defeat their enemies.

Most characters in the game, including Sword-Wielding Dogs and Spear-Wielding Rabbits, have a little over 10 health in battles. Players can choose to attack their enemies and time their strikes to deal a certain amount of damage. Beginners can choose to attack their opponents after the slider is placed on 8 or higher to deal maximum damage per turn.

Watch Out For Large Pots of Beans

Inkulinati presents a wide range of options for players to be tactical with attacks and characters. Players are required to destroy all enemies in a chapter to progress further into the game. In addition to taking out enemies, players need to watch out for objects that are placed around the level.

Objects, such as the Large Pot of Beans, can be used to deal explosive damage to enemies. These Large Pots of Beans can block horizontal attacks from moving past the obstacles. Players can use units like the Sword-Wielding Dog and the Sword-Wielding Rabbit to destroy a Large Pot of Beans.